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General Industry Compliance (30hrs)

If you’re a safety manager or supervisor, OSHA 30-Hour General Industry course is your guide to creating a culture of safety in your workplace. You’ll get a comprehensive look at the policies, procedures, and standards covered by OSHA 29 CFR 1910.

Training Contents

You’ll learn about the basic elements of a workplace safety and health program and how to manage both. This includes understanding an employer’s responsibilities for worker safety, as well as worker’s rights to learn about the potential hazards of their job.

The course also covers all the hazards you might encounter in many different industries, from scaffolding to blood borne pathogens. You’ll learn about essential safety procedures like lockout/ tagout protocols, machine guarding mechanisms, and industrial hygiene.

Benefit for:

Safety directors, foremen, and field supervisors, but all workers in general industries can benefit from it. Examples of these industries include manufacturing, warehousing, distribution, and health care.

Course Info

  • Location

  • Duration

    30 hours / 4 days
  • Study Mode

    Classroom & Online
  • Trainer

    Imran Iqbal (OSHA USA Outreach Trainer)

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