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Medical Personal Protective Equipment and Ventilator Splitter

After a deep commitment of Inovo’s diverse team we have successfully completed our First 3D Printed Prototype of the medical Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and Ventilator Splitter. This is leading us towards the increase in Emergency Response Capability at the National level. We have produced these PPEs on Non-Profit/Non-Commercial bases. In fact, we are ready to invest our energy and resources in this National Service. The mask prepared here is reusable where a square patch of any surgical or N95 mask can be used. The mask test results are as per International Standards and we are ready to move towards its Die-Casting and large-scale manufacturing (if required). The Face shield and Quad-Ventilator Splitter produced are in Scaled/Mini Size. We are acquiring 3D printers with larger bed size to accommodate and complete these prototypes. The Quad-Ventilator Splitter can divide the oxygen supply of one ventilator into four more branches means it can increase the Ventilator capacity of any hospital at least four times. Stay Tuned for more updates! We are thankful to following Open-Source References which assisted us in this task.

Face Mask: https://www.makethemasks.com/
Face Mask Test Results: https://www.makethemasks.com/mask-test-results
Face Shield: https://budmen.com/
Ventilator Quad Splitter: https://intcadsol.com/ventilator-quad-splitter

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